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Colorado Native, nature inspired artist and photographer. In his 20's he traveled to his first third world countries and witnessed first hand how happy 'simple living' can be, connecting to the beauty inside and out. He hopes that by creating this website he may inspire others to continue following their heart.  

When working his camera, Jyoti has a hawk's eye for detail yet capturing the underlying essence and the higher perspective all at the same time. 

'Whether I'm shooting photo's of a wedding, painting a canvas, or walking the side of a mountain, I simply get out of the way and observe the beauty which life creates each moment.'    - Jyoti

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Little miss Sweden, puts value in details of everyday life. She spent two years in India that, looking back, served as a stepping stone towards a completely different lifestyle and pace. Now living in a yurt in Colorado together with her hubby, under starry skies embraced by mountains. Yoga, travels, nature and gardening are some of her sweet spots. Passionately learning, daily. Always intrigued by different cultures, traditions and belief systems, where a curiosity of life and different perceptions of reality is the focus of investigation, with or without a camera. She wants to learn to whistle like the birds sing, nurture positivity and balance in herself and others. Her main goal is to have her pictures radiate the beauty and truth that surrounds us all.

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The Duo

Since we love spending time together, and love being behind the camera, we especially love doing photo gigs together. We've done weddings, baby photos, yoga festivals, and private photo shoots to name a few things. 

The beauty of working together is the fact that we have different points of view, different artistic eyes, but yet very complementary to each other - together we create the whole! And it is fun to look back at gigs we've done together in the past, to realize just that, how fun it is to work together! 

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Celebration! When we shoot weddings we dance in symbiosis around the bride and the groom, separate to spend time with the bride getting ready (Hansa), the groom getting ready (Jyoti) , and meet back at the location of the wedding to take wedding couple pictures, ceremony pictures, family pictures, celebration/party pictures etc. We are also open to being part of rehearsals and around-the-wedding-day activities whenever needed.

If you want us as your photographers please get a hold of us early on, when you start planning your big day. Having worked many weddings, we have a list of practical 'do's and don'ts' that can come in handy when planning the sequence of events and with photos in mind. Getting in touch with us early is key for us to be able to help you design the optimum light situations for the most spectacular pictures. 

Provided as a Wedding photo gallery are some pics to give you a glimpse of what we capture when we are out and about. Enjoy! 

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Wedding Photography

Portraits & Family 

Capturing the essence of You! We have worked together with artists and yoga teachers, families and various different people to capture their spirit in the moment we shared - through photo shoots in nature or in the home environment. Together we create a sacred space where you are free to blossom as you Are! 

We do private photo shoots for Senior Pictures,   Baby Pictures, Engagement Pictures, Portfolios etc.

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Portraits & Family photos

Festivals & Events

Capture the moment! We do anything and everything when it comes to festival and event gigs. We've got a few yoga festivals under our belt, as well as community events, concerts and live music, dances etc. The list is long, so please contact us for more info!

Telluride Yoga Festival, 2011 and 2012

 'Deepen your practice, deep in the mountains' is the slogan for the annual Telluride Yoga Festival, which we've had the blessing to document two years in a row now!  In the Festival & Events gallery are some of our pictures from the event in 2011 and 2012. Enjoy!

The Telluride Yoga Festival is a really fun, small, intimate, festival to participate in. Many people come for the cozy atmosphere and intimate vibe the festival houses. Some amazing teachers and yogis get a chance to gather and share their energies with each other. It is a gorgeous place in the mountains to do spiritual work

The festival has its commercial sides to it also, some festival gear for sale plus a vendor space with lots of yoga related stuff. Added to the fun is usually a music evening where one can get absorbed in some kirtan vibes. So, workshops, classes, satsangs, lots of good insights shared through participants and teachers dialogue, kirtan - and the entertainment of diving within yourself!

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Telluride Yoga Festival 2011

Nature & Adventure

Photography is a passion for both of us. Over the years we have collected some amazing shots of our journey's around the world and now we have a chance to collect our favorites in one spot for our friends and family to see, and if they feel inclined, order prints if they appreciate what they see.  

Most of our nature photography is from either India, Sweden, Colorado, Montana, New Zealand or Peru...and with more to come!  

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Magic Sacred Secret Spot, New Zealand, 2010


 "Tears in mama's eyes. Thank you."
(Jennifer Mandaville, mother of Jasper, Senior Pictures, 2012)

"You're such a bro"
 (Jasper Mandaville, Portraits/Senior Pictures 2012) 
 "Jyoti, you and Hansa are such treasures... THE BEST!!!" 
(April Moon, Mother of Bride 2013)

"Jyoti, Can't wait to see the moments you and Hansa captured from our BEAUTIFUL DAY!! You guys were so loving, tender and understanding while working with our families!!! Thank you! Wonderful memories..."
 (Frances White Welch, Mother of Groom 2013)

"Hansa, I'm sitting here going through your orignals you took of me getting ready for the wedding, and keep looking for the like button. You are incredible, thank you so much, and thank you Jyoti." 
 (Danielle Regehr, Bride 2013)

"Oh so blessed to have friends shoot our wedding instead of strangers. Thank YOU for being a part of our day. It turned out better than I ever imagined."
 (Danielle Regehr, Bride 2013)

"Thanks Jyoti, you da man! Thanks to you and Hansa for capturing our story."
(Jake Regehr, Groom 2013)

"Can I 'LOVE' a pic??? why is 'like' my only option?"
 (Sean Corbett, comment from Facebook, Brother of the bride 2013)

"That's a keeper! (the girl and the photo)"
 (Random comment on Facebook)

"I love this! Thank you so much!"
 (Nicole McMacken Sullivan, Bride 2011)

"The photos on Facebook are all fantastic....truly. I will give more feedback once we get the DVD. So far so good. Post some more that you are proud of. I know a lot of people are surfing that album now so you might as well "wow" them some more."
 (Jon Sullivan, Groom 2011)

"This is the one where you show your grandchildren and they say, "wow, hoooooow rooomantic" I love love love love this picture!"
 (Becky Jacobs, comment on Facebook)
"Like a fairytale"
 (Nicole McMacken Sullivan, Bride 2011)
"Amazing photo!"
 (Kathy Harding, comment on Facebook)

"Am I that sophisticated in real life?"
 (Jon Sullivan, Groom 2011)

"You are getting good, my friend. Very very good!"
(Random facebook comments, picture of Groom and his best men)

"The one of me hits you Hanna... but this one hits me...."
 (Nicole McMacken Sullivan, Bride 2011)

"Like a dream"
 (Jon Sullivan, Groom 2011)

"These photos are awesome, great work!"
 (Jennifer Higby, comment on Facebook)

(Jon Sullivan, Groom 2011)

"Are these your photos Jyoti?! AWESOME!!! Talented!!"
 (Heidi Comstock, comment on Facebook)

 "I certainly can't take all the credit. At least half are Hansa's... 'Do what you love, love what you do', right?"
(Jyoti Jacobs, Photographer for Thirdeye Visionaries)

 "If I ever get married I might have to fly you both down to AUS to take the photos"
 (Caroline Kowalski, comment on Facebook) 

"Wow, beautiful pictures!! You guys really know what you do and the love for taking pictures really shine through - whenever I get married I'm going to let you take all the pics!"
(Maja Pernefeldt, comment on Facebook, 2011) 

"PERFECT!!!!!!! Just what we where going for... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PHOTOS!!!"
 (Nicole McMacken Sullivan, Bride 2011)
"This photo is perfect capture of an idea realized"
 (Jon Sullivan, Groom 2011)

"You take the most amazing moments and memories and turn them into pictures for life! I love looking at your work. I know this sir, I follow all your work on here and the best is yet to come. I FEEL the love, excitement and happiness in your wedding photos without even knowing the story - amazes me!!! You may be doing our wedding next year"
 (Heather Frankart, comment on Facebook, 2013) 

"I love this one! I wish every couple had a photo taken of them like this one! Beautiful!"
(Becky Jacobs, comment on Facebook, picture of 'The Kiss", 2011)

"I love this photo so much! Thank you!"
 (Nicole McMacken Sullivan, Bride 2011, picture of Bride and her mom)

"Had to catch my breath viewing this photo." 
 (Random comment on Facebook, picture of the bride and her father walking down the isle, 2013)

"I'm pretty sure that is the MONEY shot!! Boom!!! Check that. Might be picture of the day...or year."  
 (Random comment on Facebook, picture of the groom and friends, 2013)

"That is the best photo ever!!!!!!" 
"Don't know all these people but, agreed! What a super wonderful photo!"

 (Random comment on Facebook, picture of the bride side of family, 2013)

"Wonderful album! Congratulations"
 (Dora De Deus, comment on Facebook, 2013)

"You do such beautiful work, capture everything"

 (Kathy Trowell, comment on Facebook, 2013)

 'Hansa & Jyoti, we could not feel more lucky and blessed to have had such a perfect wedding day. You guys and your beautiful spirits and warm smiles helped to make everything so light and fun and easy flowing. You both worked so hard and were so patient throughout the whole day. So many people kept commenting on you guys and you were so so so appreciated. It was just so good to see you both and be there to help us celebrate. Thank you. SO much love your way!'
 (Ali & Shaefer Welch, Letter from Bride and Groom, 2013)

'Hansa, you two have made our special day even more beautiful! I love these photos!!!!'
 (Nikki Ticherich, Bride 2013)

Our dear yogi friend R.R. Shakti in Origin Magazine, featured in the 'Leaders Who Inspires'  series, Oct 2012 * Magazine distributed through stands at WholeFoods * Image by Thirdeye Visionaries

3 x 5 feet photo print to go into R.R. Shakti's new yoga studio, 2012

Telluride Yoga Festival in the local newspaper The Watch, 2012 * Image by Jyoti of Thirdeye Visionaries

Thirdeye Visionaries photography used for R.R. Shakti's workshops and out of several fliers that this beautiful Goddess has created!
(All but the bottom right picture is taken by us)