Hansa Devi

Born and raised in Sweden, Hansa has spent some of her most formative years in the US and in India. Always interested in health and well-being, balance and spiritual growth, she is now leading a simple but incredibly blessed life as a mountain yogi, serving her fellow humans from her heart every day. 

Hansa likes to find herself absorbed in the making of various different arts and crafts, such as dream catchers, knitted goodies (wrist and leg warmers, scarfs), feather work, scent sachets, smudge sticks...you name it. She also enjoys photography as an expression and as a means to investigate and capture other beings context and perceived reality. She is a gypsy by heart and a Student of Life, enjoying the silent moments and being in the flow. 

Life is a beautiful mystery in which we can dance with grace, intimacy, awareness and heartfelt gratitude... It is our choice, continously. Starting with this breath... LOVE in, LOVE out
— Hansa
If you ever forget how radiant you are, close your eyes and meet yourself again.
— Hansa

Spiritual Jewelry - No Mind Malas

Hansa started making malas after living in India for some time. When visiting sacred places, meeting amazing mentors and teachers, acquiring many blessed malas along the way, she felt like she wanted to share the blessings and so she started to cut the malas and making them into more. That was the beginning of the mala venture... Thirdeye Visionaries started to take form after meeting her husband Jyoti, and the No Mind Malas now have a distribution channel for people to find their favorite piece(s). Collecting beads and marinating in the vibes from sacred and spiritual places has been Hansa's passion, and today she is incorporating lots of gemstones into her malas, to help boost and balance what individuals need. 

A No Mind Mala is to be worn as a sweet reminder of taking a conscious step away from your rational mind, and instead tune into your gut feeling and the voice of your heart. Wear your piece as a reminder to 'change the channel' and to live in a constant state of rebirth. Let go of the mind and give way to your heart... 

For further questions or custom orders, just give us a shout and we would be happy to make you something very unique.



Yoga and Meditation

Hansa is a dedicated yogi with her heart in nature. Finding balance between the inner and outer world, exploring both spaces with awe and wonder and applying the yogic principles to map out the journey has been her personal focus for some time now. Simplification, moderation, purification and connectedness are key concepts in her life. She has a public health background and received her formal hatha yoga training while living in India. She views yoga as a lifestyle, including postures, breath work, mindful diet, contemplation and meditation, and service to others. Experiencing the power of a yogic practice and related philosophies has led her to teach and share, supporting others on their journey to find balance.

FOR PRIVATES OR GROUP SESSIONS - email her at thirdeyevisionaries@yahoo.com

For inquiries email: thirdeyevisionaries@yahoo.com