Claudia Fantuzzi

I was born in Santiago Chile in 1979, ever since I was a child, the best present I could dream of was colored pens and blank notebooks to draw in.

Magical moments I remember of my childhood were going into nature with my parents, we went wild camping, fishing in rivers, making fires and cooking on them, swimming in the most pristine lakes in the South of Chile, I always found myself in peace whilst being in the nature.

In University I studied Social Communication, specifically Creative Writing and Graphic Design, after that I did another year of Cultural Management. But in my heart I always wanted to study art, but I never did.

After finishing my studies I travelled to India for a year, into a world of transformation, a new way of life, experiencing its people, colors, food, smells, it changed my concept of life forever. I realized that deeper and higher forms of connections were real, they did exist and I started on my journey of understanding and achieving these higher connections mainly through Traveling, Yoga, Meditation, Rainbow Gatherings, Singing Mantras in front of the fire, Dancing and Giving Thanks at sunrises and sunset, and also working in many different arenas. Learning how to cook became my art and I started to live off of this.

My searching took me to many countries. I lived in Argentina for a while studying artistic make-up and body painting, traveling in Chile, South America, North America, Europe, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Guatemala, Australia and New Zealand.

Finally I found my place, in a small town in the Northwest of the South Island of New Zealand. Takaka became my home for 4 years, where I immersed myself in the most pristine nature. I had the time to contemplate its magnificence, its beauty, the solitude of the extensive virgin beaches, the crystal clear waters, it was a paradise in many ways. The feeling of being one with ‘’all’’ that is, became very present. Here I started to paint more.

A few years later, I went to Burning Man, the most utopia, a crazy art filled festival with the most amazingly talented artists you could imagine, right in the middle of the Nevada desert, USA. This became the activation I was missing that I needed to re-ignite my soul and once again start believing in myself as a painter, as an Artist. 

Being a self taught Artist has been a long, hard process, being able to understand different techniques that enable me to reach certain inspirational ideas and then put them onto canvas, has taken a lot of dedication and passion.

Sacred Geometry is present in all living things. It is the art of nature and it gives me an essence which I love to express in my paintings, using a feminine and colorful touch.

Traditional shamanic ceremonies have been always present throughout my journeys. They guide my visions, my understanding of life, making me aware and connecting me with deeper levels of my soul.

Connecting with the Elements; Earth, Water, Air and Fire, being surrounded by the Nature, being able to connect with its peacefulness and feeling the sensations it creates in my body is my inspiration. Stepping into a dream world that allows the simple touch from nature, the kiss of the morning sun, the dive into a wave, the dances with the wind… And my mind, body and soul become alive.

Nature is my guide, my friend, and my peaceful space, as is a simple way of living, chopping wood, growing vegetables, swimming in the ocean and letting my body float in the waves, sitting on a rock watching the rivers path, playing music with friends, dancing as the sun rises and goes to sleep,  looking deeply into the eyes of others, feeling the beat of my heart, feeling the grass in between my toes, the sand in my palms… So many magical pleasures that I can’t express them all, but this is what makes the living dream an inspiration to create.


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